Why being Persistent is an Important Trait


Why being Persistent is an Important Trait

As adults, we know that perseverance heightens our chances of success more than any other traits. Sure, all of us have days when things look gloomy and it’s hard to find the energy to persevere. But you will agree that it was your never-give-up attitude that eventually sees you through the bleak.

Every Nobel Prize winner has a different story to tell. However, what is certainly common among them, if you have read about them, is how that person never gave up.

There are some parents who wish their child was less persistent, especially during their early years. But they did not realize that their child’s persistence is a wonderful characteristic. It’s highly essential to accomplishing what one wants in life.

If you have a persistent child, I hope you will reframe your thoughts and be thankful that you are really fortunate to have one in your arms. And if your child isn’t that persistent, then I hope this write-up will help you encourage your child to persist in going after what he or she wants more frequently.

There is evidence in recent studies that show children can be raised to be more persistent.

What can parents do?

Reward persistence

Give your child cheers and claps when they don’t give up, even when what they won’t give up is their argument with you. This does not mean you give in to the argument. It means you ‘praise’ their persistence and find a win-win solution that works for both of you.

Expect your persistent child to resist you at times

A highly persistent child does not yield in to alternatives easily. He probably knows what he wants and he wants it. It’s different from tantrum throwing, and parents will learn to recognize the difference very soon. As your child gets older, he’ll gain flexibility. Just expect more tantrums than usual during the early years.

Let your child express

Persistent children have big feelings. Setting firm limits will remove your child’s belief that he/she will get what he/she wants by throwing a tantrum. Inevitably, your child will feel disappointment which is a good thing; this is how he’ll/she’ll learn the resilience to survive disappointment. The day will come when your child succeeds in achieving big dreams against all odds because only persistent people can do that.

Practice makes perfect

Many young children worry that they aren’t good enough, which makes them give up easily. Help your child understand that no one becomes successful overnight. All experts have worked for years to accomplish excellence in their field. Encourage effort and practice, more than the end result.

You may also like to model for your child by talking about your feelings – “I see you have tried this way. That didn’t work. Now let’s try that way. I don’t give up easily.”

What we do

We help every child learn to be persistent in overcoming obstacles and challenges through playing fun puzzles, intellectual games and working out challenging materials. We model perseverance by showing your child how one can set out to master something and move through setbacks.

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“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”
 — William Feather

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