What is IQ


What is IQ?

“Now that’s an intelligent person.”

Have you ever said that about someone and, if so, what gave you that impression? There were clues, naturally. Maybe you listened to that person talk on lots of different topics with ease. Perhaps you’ve observed that she’s particularly good at some talent or skill.

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, and it’s measured by a number of tests. But more than a numerical score, what it looks like in real life is the ability to function and respond appropriately in any given moment. In other words, intelligence can typically be seen, translating into things like actions, choices, decisions and even achievements in everyday life.

What makes intelligence? It’s actually a composite of many different things. Of course, many gifted children have a high IQ.

One component is knowledge. When you set out to solve a problem or function in a social setting, you’re taking information you’ve learned in the past (whether it’s the boiling point of water, someone’s name, or which fork to use to eat your salad) and applying it to your current situation. So intelligence requires knowledge.

The other thing you need for intelligence is cognitive skills. What mental skills do you bring to a problem or situation? Do you have really good logic and reasoning? Can you focus on a task for a long time? Do you see the big picture really well, or are you more likely to see details at a fine resolution? Do you have a strong working memory? Can you remember and follow directions exceedingly well? It’s one thing to have knowledge, but sharp mental skills are critical if you want to remember, reorganize and apply that knowledge to specific tasks, problems or situations.

Having tuition in academic areas definitely will not be able to help in your child’s cognitive functions.

Want a smart combination? Pursue both.

What we do

We work in close partnerships with parents to give their children sharper cognitive skills, & coupled with problem solving questions, in turn increases IQ.

Our Cognitive Assessment goes beyond traditional IQ testing. It measures core cognitive skills critical for learning. Call us to find out more!

Here’s a Sample Cognitive Profile report.

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