2017 Primary 3 GEP Selection Test Prep Course

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Build a better brain Human brains

*Gifted Parents – By that I do not mean parents who are exceptionally intelligent, highly educated, extremely successful, or even being gifted persons themselves. They may be any or all of these. But take heart, none is an essential component to be gifted parents.

Gifted Parents* DON’T send their kids to tuition! Want to know their SECRET in nurturing their kids? They have long realise that 

Tuition IS NOT a Solution to keep up Good Grades? Read here!

ANALYTICAL CRITICAL THINKING (ACT™) reduces excessive amount of tuition yet gains better scores & happiness!

Most children often do very well in their preschool to lower primary years as the workload doesn’t warrant much specific cognitive skills. Parents will only start to see the effects of a lack in certain cognitive areas usually when the child starts the upper primary levels. However, it could be as early as during the middle of primary 3 or as late as mid of primary 5 when parents start to wonder why their once 100-mark scoring child is now constantly struggling with the academic load though the child is already attending tuitions for all subjects. The strong ability to THINK out solutions is the key!

Hence, it is good for a young child to start the ACT™ program when the child has more time during the kindergarten or lower primary years.

Curriculum_2ANALYTICAL CRITICAL THINKING (ACT™) 6 to 12 years old

Speed up Cognitive Development + Advanced Academic Skills (English &/or Maths)

Children who are already good learners will do even better in school with stronger cognitive skills as they are transferable into academic work and life.

Also suitable for potential Gifted Education Program (GEP) at Primary 3 & Direct School Admission (DSA) at Primary 6 applicants.

Course Structure

Analytical Critical Thinking™ IMPROVES

* focus/concentration

* self-control

* determination

* perseverance

* a good memory

* flexible thinking

* appropriate length of attention spans

Station-Based Learning Model engages every child holistically

The classroom area contains a collection of activities or materials designed to teach, reinforce, or extend a particular cognitive skill or academic concept. An interest center is designed to motivate student’s exploration of puzzles in which they have a particular interest. In general, our studio:

* Focuses on important learning goals

* Contains materials to promote individual students’ growth towards those goals

* Uses materials and activities addressing a wide range of cognitive levels & learning profiles, and student interests

* Includes activities that vary from simple to complex, concrete to abstract, structured to open-ended

* Provides clear directions for students

* Offers instructions about what the student is to do if they need help

* Includes instructions on what the student should do when he completes a written assignment

* Includes a plan of on-going assessment of student growth in the class in general, which will lead to adjustments in tasks.

Score A* in MATH

math tuition

Upper Primary Math Enrichment lessons are conducted by our experienced centre owner who has taught for over 15 years to mainstream and gifted children. Our focus is on problem solving, careless-mistake tuning, & critical thinking mathematical puzzles. Strictly adhering to the MOE syllabus.

Score A* in ENGLISH

english tuition

The English Enrichment lessons are conducted by our Chief Trainer. She is a writer of several high-quality academic books that were written to help children improve the usage of the language for examinations. In line with MOE’s new STELLAR syllabus, she has also recently published a series of P1-P6 books that featured child-friendly stories to stimulate language learning.

Textbook cover  Workbook cover  Grammar book cover

Score A* in SCIENCE

science tuition

Our focus is on answering techniques & applications in order to score A* in this subject.


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Our underlying premise of Analytical Critical Thinking (ACT™) –

I am a firm believer of nurturance in the theory of nature versus nurture. Your baby is born with great brilliance, talent for intellectual development of every kind, and a potential for high intelligence (with the exception of a relatively few severely brain-damaged infants). As gifted parents, we need to nurture this innate ability and let this special talent grow into fruit one day. An analogy akin to this believe – your baby is just like a seed that contains all that is needed for growth, and requires only a rich soil, right amount of sunlight, and sufficient watering in order to flourish.

So believe, every child who comes to us arrive with a promise of genius just waiting to grow!

Benefits - Magnifying Glass on Old Paper.  Benefits of ACT™

* Develop strong cognitive abilities namely in 4 areas Verbal, Analytical, SpatialLogic.

Verbal              develop critical thinking & critical reading

Analytical      develop resourceful mind & ability to find solutions under constraints

Spatial             develop visual perception ability

Logic                 develop strong logical & reasoning skills

* Significantly improve your child’s Critical Thinking & Reasoning skills which boost performance in any test in any subject.

* Develop fluid intelligence by solving problems in the English & Math areas.

* Cultivate logic/reason-based learning as opposed to fact-based learning.

* Learn to make inferences and strengthen your reading comprehension skills. 

~ Katherine Law, Chieftrainer, M.Ed (Gifted Ed), PGDE, B.A.

Sample Activities Click to get full image

game_3              games_1        photo 6

Overlap_1_1              reasoning        photo2

Tiling               photo 1        photo 5

games        photo3     GKP 2

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