Preschool Tutoring

Preschool Tutoring

While parents are the reason why kids come into their lives, teachers are perhaps the primary shapers of their lives. At preschools, kids from age 1 to 6, learn the methods of reading, writing and absorbing things around. However, sometimes, it may be a wise idea to initiate children into preschool tutoring; an extra session to sharpen what he has learnt and to increase his knowledge. The teacher, tutor and parents make a potent threesome shaping up the child in a positive manner.

What makes a tutor different from teachers?

While preschool teachers follow a planned syllabus, tutors are able to look after individual kids and assess his or her strengths and weaknesses. The tutor also does not have to follow a strict plan in place but can always innovate, looking at the inclinations of the child. A teacher’s inability may be hidden under the shade of a reputed school. But a tutor has to be accountable for his errors. Of course, you have to conduct a thorough research before assigning your kid for tutoring.

How does a tutor teach?

Early years tutoring is another way of saying ‘broaden the horizon’. A tutor picks out books for kids that have stories written in at-his-level language and brilliant illustrations. Thus, the kid can relate the words with sketches and grasp the story better. The same goes for varieties of language writings and identification of patterns. He keeps testing a child’s sharpness by asking questions that require critical thinking. He keeps  his curiosity in check by asking children what they think of the Sun, the rain and the growing of flowers. He teaches him novel ways to learn how to count and write. In a nutshell, tutoring makes thinking out-of-the box an interesting activity for kids, which they can then capitalize on at school and home.

How should a tutor handle kids?

Tutoring may be a wrong concept if you find an ordinary teacher. Firstly, the tutor should enjoy his time with kids. He should understand the mindsets of young children; how they take different things in their groove and how their brains work. When kids lack concentration, the tutor should be flexible enough to spend the day in encouraging hands-on-activities and role play. Moreover, the tutor should be calm and composed. Kids are known to throw tantrums at times and it won’t help if teachers lose their temper and punish the child for that.

To conclude

While you have reservations about assigning your kid to early years tutoring, you must realize that it is an important chapter of his or her comprehensive growth. He or she learns from the tutor not only on linear subjects but the deeper meaning of things. Tutor helps instill those habits in your kids.

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