Preschool Syllabus

Preschool Syllabus

In all games, there are coaches who plan out a method for the player(s) to follow. Players may have the skill and acumen, but not the correct way of making an endeavor. Likewise, kids at preschools may eventually learn things, but without a syllabus, they may get lost – thus the importance of a systematic preschool syllabus. At any rate, kids don’t have many subjects in their early childhood; English, math and a mother tongue suffices. Added to that, the other spheres are planned and coordinated so as to bring out rhythmic growth of kids.

Importance of the syllabus

Children learn things as they see it; they are not aware of shady practices. Thus, silent letters in English words (say, t in hustle) confuse them. The syllabus has to encourage the creative and mental growth of a child. He has to relate and thus differentiate things, identify and thus isolate objects. He has to be aware of the correct time for doing certain things and correct places to be at designated time (say, reading table in the evening). His motor skills have to be activated so as to sharpen his brain.

Layout of syllabus

Nursery rhymes, alphabets, name of vegetables, fruits and a few other things, and short, crisp but moving stories do fine for English. It is also necessary to ingratiate the importance of correct spellings and diction in 5+ kids. In Math, they have to learn to love numbers, find it fascinating to count, add and subtract them. They must be taught to identify patterns, shapes and sizes (say, dice cubes, ice cream cones and spherical balls).  Moreover, he should learn how to make friends, how to communicate and how to use his energy in a subtle but definite manner.

How parents should carry on

Parents should gauze and assess where their kid is faltering, if he is. They should make sure that the kid learns about patterns through building blocks, illustration books and other games. Activities like ‘Joining the dots’ and ‘Show and Tell’ give kids a proper perspective. Letting the kid merge with others of his age in the community or in the park helps the child’s development in many ways. Most importantly, one loving session with the parents gives him the confidence to take on the early years syllabus with vigour. Parents should be in regular touch with teachers at school or on phone to get bits of information and learn the proper way of guiding.

To sum up

A wise and elaborate syllabus helps in your child’s intellectual growth. A child should get enough mental space to play and learn. He should look forward to another day and not be fearful of teachers lest he does something wrongly. The syllabus should help instill good manners and proper methods of problem solving in children.

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