Preschool Prep

Preschool Prep 

Whether it is a holiday plan or matriculations exams, we all need to prepare systematically. That is also the case with preschools, even if kids are not tuned into the concept of preparation. A toddler at home looks at a colourful book with interest and even prescience, and that is his first manner of preschool prep, even if he himself does not realize the same. It falls on you to ensure that the toddler keeps viewing and reading books with the same interest that he showed when he chanced upon his first book ever.

How to plan your child’s preschool preparation

You can take kids to zoos and parks for starters where he meets kids of his age and gets that innate kick to compete with them. He will, say, look to ‘seize’ his place on the see-saw from the others. He will fancy a certain seat and try to ‘grab’ that for himself. Instill into the child that he will find many such boys and girls in preschool. We can use these instances to teach our children gracious social skills by exposing him to early life experiences. Buy him interesting, colourful and illustrative books (stories, numbers, ABC) and convey to him that he will get many such books if he enters into a school. Suggest that brave kids go to preschool and ennoble him; everybody likes that feeling, irrespective of age.

Rewards help a lot

Plan the rewards for kids as they pass a time period in preschool (say every month). This can range from a box of chocolates to a rubber gun (it actually depends on your affording capacity). Give him a pat on the back for every ‘Good’ that he gets. You will find it helps a lot. Take the kids to nature parks and make him realize the beauty of trees, flowers and singing birds. Tell him he will get a wholesome understanding only if he continues to pay attention at preschool. Take him to book fairs and get him books he likes. Essentially, preschool preparation is all about nurturing the child’s love and interest with books and school.

Keep on the preparing your kid for Preschool

Even when the child has joined preschool, you will still have to put in a determined effort to keep him interested. Start your preparatory steps by studding him with the news that there would be lots of childhood programs and hands-on-activities to enthrall him. The slides, horse-wheel and see-saw in the playground at school should also act as catalysts. Tell him you never got the same privilege because those things were not there at that time.

To sum up

We all like being pampered and coddled into doing things we would anyway do. Children should be made to understand that they have got to attend preschools and yet, your continuous cajoles fascinates him. Preparing your child for preschool is all about making the child realize that the world is a fantastic place and the key to it is through the gates of preschool.

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