Preschool Curriculum

Preschool curriculum

We have in-depth knowledge of how the world revolves, but only intuitive knowledge of how a child’s mind works. He can be happy a moment, sad the next; contented and yet inquisitive. The idea of preschool is to make children find answers to their enquiry in a defined way. Of course, it all may come to nothing without proper support from parents.


Kids and toddlers (age 1-5) take to things easily and learn things by heart. Early school curriculum takes note of the fact that they have to be given a mixed recipe of study and play. They are taken through curricular activities like block building, making friends, playing hide-and-seek and singing nursery rhymes in chorus. They are carefully and lovingly taught nuances of languages (English and one native language) so that they can pick up different languages as early as possible.

How to choose the best preschool curriculum for your child

While choosing a preschool with the best curriculum in mind for your child, you have to assess an important factor first. Do you get enough time to engage your kid at home? If not, you have to take your time to choose the best option available. A preferred curriculum will help him gather creative inputs and also become a quick learner. Children are good observers (thus inquisitive) and there should be a scheme at school to let them note and identify colourful objects (say, a rainbow or umbrella). Their mental mathematics should also be brushed up at school so that they learn the tables by rote and do simple stuff faster.

Their physical development is another factor that is necessary to consider. They should be taught the importance of healthy food habits and not to eat anything they lay their hands on. The most important is the cultivation of a generation of bonhomie.

Build your own curriculum

In case the early childhood curriculum is not up to standards, you can make up for it by nurturing the kids in a right way. Buy him games that teach; drawing and sketching copies to learn the art of drawing. Let him mix with kids of his age in the garden. Make him run and tumble; let him grow with freedom and yet, under your own guidance. Keep asking him of the experiences he has gathered; his best friend, best teacher, favorite subject (there are precious few), favorite activity. Plan the timing for his rest and recreation, study and learning. Keep in mind that he is just a kid and should be allowed to enjoy his childhood.

To conclude

Summing it up, it is eminently necessary to find a school for your kid with a curriculum which suits his growth. On your part, you should see to it that the kid is taking to his homework, learning skills and hands-on activities well at home and is given due space to learn things and grow.

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