Importance of Long Attention Spans

importanceoflongattentionspans    Building Attention

Focus is power. To score in the areas of creative, athletic and academic achievement, long attention span is essential. The ability to delve deeply and spend extended periods of time seeking greater understanding of a problem or situation, can be developed and strengthened like a muscle. A home or school environment conducive to focus and attention can have a positive impact on developing your child’s attention.

Children who are unable to sustain mental energy required for schoolwork and have to struggle with attention oftentimes become frustrated, disinterested or even disruptive – signs of attention deficit disorders but which they are definitely not.

Children with under-developed attention spans may not outgrow it as they mature into adults who then inevitably leave a string of unfinished tasks behind them, causing difficulties and challenges within families, on the job, and among friends. Hence, the ability to keep one’s attention on task is essential to living a meaningful life.

For a two-year-old child, a healthy attention span means six to ten minutes. By the time your child enters kindergarten, he should be able to pay attention for about 20 minutes. When formal schooling starts, he is expected to pay attention for at least 5 to 6 hours with intermittent breaks in between.

What we do

Your child is given the opportunities to carry out a series of activities aimed at

◦ Building Attention

◦ Observation

◦ Concentration &

◦ Sharp Focus Skills

ALL such skills are highly needed for academic & adulthood living!

Our Analytical Critical Thinking programme includes developing your child’s attention spans.

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