Holiday Programme

Holiday Programmes June 2017

Basic 3D Art Design

Any idea what the latest tech for kids in Taiwan, USA & Europe is? If you think it’s PS4, iPad, Lego…then you are really behind times! The world of 3D is descending upon our young ones, at an AMAZING speed. 3D technology & printing is set to revolutionize the world. And all too soon, it will no longer be just using the traditional blocks for 3D construction playing or learning. Creopop’s 3D Printing Pen enables parents to bond with their kids in setting off their unlimited creativity & imaginations.

Let your child have a taste of letting his/her imagination come alive! Your child will use the world’s safest 3D Printing Pen to create 3D designs, beyond what you thought possible, in our holiday program.

No hot parts, no melting plastics & no unpleasant smell!

creopop prodt boxcreopop - aliencreopop - butterflycreopop - minion1

                                                                           Our Beginner 3D Artists’ Creations

brochure             Esther - chair_1  K-Zen Bicycle 2  Esther - tiara


Suitable for 8 – 14 year olds

21, 22, 23 June 2017

10am – 11.30am

Fee: $150

Early Bird Special: Sign up before June 11 2017 at $120!

Creopop 3D Printing Pen is also NOW AVAILABLE for purchase. Every pen comes with 1 set of 3 regular inks ($10 off retail price now). Product of Singapore

starter kit 1starter kit


Junior Thinkers Workshops

glowing yellow light bulb as inspiration concept

The 3-hour programme will cover critical thinking, flexibility in thinking as well as hands-on activities.

Suitable for 6 to 12 year olds

7, 8, 9 June 1pm to 4pm

21, 22, 23 June 1pm to 4pm

Fee is at $360.

Early Bird Special (register before 31 May 2017) $300


Learning Math Concepts Workshops

math concept

Primary 5 & 6     7 – 9 June 1pm to 4pm @$360

Primary 3 & 4     21 – 23 June 1pm to 5pm @$480


Maximum 6 kids for ALL Holiday Programmes

Please call us at 6779 2858/ 8838 3389 for more details.


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