Habits of a High Ability Learner


7 Habits of a High Ability Learner (or a Gifted Child)

Avid, intense readers

These children were reared as strong readers from a very young age. Most of them, if not all of them, were read to by their parents. Reading avidly stimulates their mental capacities, better equipped them with knowledge, expands their vocabulary, strengthens their memories, gives them stronger analytical skills, and improved their focus and concentration.

Persistent problem solvers

They stay motivated to problem solve challenging tasks for a reasonable period of time when not instantly successful. This intrinsic motivation comes from within them as they do not depend on outside forces to supply the rewards (excessive praise, sweets, stickers) of success.

From a young age, their parents provided the environment for them to freely explore, see the effect of their actions, making sure they finished tasks without interruptions, responded to their needs in a consistent, predictable manner, but allow them to be as independent as possible. They also provided situations that give their children appropriate challenges. Activities that are slightly difficult for the child will be more motivating and provide for stronger feelings of success when accomplished. However, activities that are far beyond the child’s abilities will only cripple their motivation. This may take some trial and error at first.

Engage in Logical Reasoning

They often use logical reasoning in academic areas such as in Math problem solving, comprehension, writing, and even in self-regulation. They are able to ask good questions in order to evaluate outcomes and implications before making decisions.

Working Independently

They usually need minimal guidance in doing their school work and projects, unless the work is far beyond their scope. Given suitable challenges, they can often complete their work independently.

Construct Abstractions

They have very good visual-spatial skills, enabling them to construct abstractions easily and thus problem solve easily.

Take pleasure in completing intellectual activities

They take pride in doing intellectual games, puzzles and thinking work activities. They enjoy engaging in intellectually stimulating tasks.

Love to learn new knowledge and question a lot

Because they love to acquire new knowledge, thus they read widely and avidly. Their curiosity keeps them questioning new things around them.

When we study the habits of high ability learners (or ‘GEP Child’), we can understand better the parenting styles of their parents. If we can find a consistent style of parenting these parents adopt, we may be able to uncover if ‘being gifted or being a high ability learner can be nurtured or it is simply nature’.

What we do

Our activities are designed for your child to emulate the habits of a high ability learner, thereby in the process, your child will truly become like one. Often a gifted child’s education journey encompasses learning gifted habits.

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