Primary 3 Gifted Education Programme (GEP)

Our local gifted education programme in the nine selected primary schools benefit high ability students, especially those who are identified as ‘gifted’, with the additional learning opportunities not available in the mainstream. The programme seeks to ensure that the potential of a high ability child is recognized, nurtured and developed to his or her capability. A good quality education will thus stimulate such individual growth realize the innate potential.
The programme is an alternative for those who need a highly challenging classroom to continuously challenge their intellect. Sitting in the mainstream classroom for a high ability child is not only boring, but extremely unfair to the poor kid who needs the stimulation on a daily basis to keep going on. Unless, the child is feeling highly stressed out, being in another stream of study is a natural progression.
Being a parent, and teacher to mainstream children and gifted children for more than ten years, and having parent both my own kids who was/is in the gifted stream, I realized that to be placed in the most suited environment is the best learning fit for every child.
Read about my opinions on the general ability tests over at my the other site.
You may like to also find out more on the General Ability Test that is required as a test for this programme.

Visual Memory    Sample General Ability Papers available here.

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