General Ability Test

Primary 3 GEP Selection Test Prep Course

13-17 Oct 2017 @ 10am to 4pm

Please call 6779 2858 for more info.

We are sure you are keenly interested to find out what General Ability Test is all about. Click on the following link at our other website to read more about this non-achievement test –

“At our classes, we teach children logic and critical thinking skills using manipulatives. At the same time, we also provide them paper and pencil work so that they can transfer these skills on to paper. Then when they start the General Ability test (GAT) prep, which usually starts in the later part of Primary 3, it is in their blood to be able to do quality thinking questions. We don’t want to stifle or suppress our children’s creativity and their innate thinking abilities by drilling them with sets after sets of repetitive work.”

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