Singapore Exam Standard Papers for your child to practise –

Primary 3 (9-year-olds)             Primary 4 (10-year-olds)

Primary 5 (11-year-olds)            Primary 6 (12-year-olds)

High Quality Exam Papers

Best Choice - Stamp on Red Wax Seal.

English Primary 3 (9-year-olds)

Paper 1                  Paper 4                  Paper 7

Paper 2                 Paper 5                   Paper 8

                        Paper 3                 Paper 6

Purchase English Exam Papers

Local Purchase (within Singapore)

Step 1: Make a fund transfer payment to account 063-55581-9.

Step 2: Send WhatsApp (8838 3389) or Email (TheGiftedParents@gmail.com) with fund transfer receipt & Email address. Tell us the Paper number(s) you have ordered.

Step 3: Download file (s) within 24 – 48 hours upon your payment. Password(s) for files will be emailed to you.

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