Early Years Preschool

Early Years preschool

You might think that a child under the age of two is better off at home, under your constant scrutiny. There is a problem there; you are too partial to him/her and too much in love to judiciously teach him little things. This is something which preschool teachers excel at. That is why it is essential to enroll your kid in preschool. Rest assured that they will get all love and care that is due; moreover, they will learn things there which will amaze you.

Developing communication skills

In early years preschool, the first thing they work at is the communication skills. When a child touches a hot iron, he automatically retracts his hand and learns to stay clear of the iron in future. A child has cognitive memory and absorbs things as he sees it. He knows that he will get food if he cries. The logic is to teach him to communicate his hunger or anything else rather than cry. They learn to speak in sentences and even significant gestures for communication. Of course, no attempts in school or home can stop a child from crying when he wants to!

Role of parents in early preschool development

The basic tenet of a responsible parent is to remain in tune with what a kid learns in early years pre-school. For that, first either the mother or father should be in regular contact with teachers and learn about child development. She or he should repeat the teaching at home so that it enters the child’s mind soulfully. Nursery rhymes CDs are a very good idea to make children learn them while playing. Give them the impression that you are also a kid and join them in their activities (whether remembering ABC or identifying elephants and dogs). The idea should be to make the child understand that learning and growing is a vital part of life.

Instilling healthy habits

The kid, by learning different colours, sizes and textures, understands the meaning of difference and thus gains the ability to relate. He relates morning with milk and school, evening with study and a designated time with play. He should also be taught to identify things they should never keep in their mouth. He should take bath without too much fuss, eat without too much littering and learn to eat green vegetables (this one is a job). He should also understand that too much of anything (in their case, say, television, is bad). This is a knowledge that carries him through life.

To sum up

The habits you instill in your kid and what he learns at preschool stays with him through life. Thus, it becomes a holistic responsibility to teach him good and relevant things. He knows the value of friends and sharing, learns that chalk is different from cheese and understands how to think, identify and reason. What it takes is a bit of your quality time and the need to teach healthy habits and ideals to the kid.

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