Preschool for Children

Preschool for Children

Children pick up things with astonishment speed. Right from nascent age, they know whom to approach when hungry, for little privileges and for stories. Yet, in absence of good schooling, they wander in life and get lost when they grow up. Getting them enrolled into children playschool gives them a head-start compared to those who don’t; an advantage they can readily capitalize on in later life. The responsibility of parents is to get them the best education, even at preschool level, and to make no compromises there.

Responsibility of parents

Parents often ignore or annul out good schools if they are too far from home. They also look for schools which have timings amenable to their own working schedules, even if the preschool is sub-standard. Some parents feel odd to part with their kids even for a few hours and thus ruin their chances for early advantage. Parents need to be conscious about the ethics that good schools impart and ought to take that extra step in their favor, even if they are inconvenienced slightly.

Responsibility of teachers

Teachers should keep in mind that parents have endeavored, even at the cost of a few compromises, to enroll their kids in early years preschool. Their (parents’) sole objective is to ensure good development of their children in all spheres. Teachers, with love and enterprise, should ensure that kids begin to grasp things, adapt to the new environment and make friends as they grow. The activities should be planned so as to impart excellent learning experiences to the kids. Their cognitive skills and creativity should be nurtured. Teachers should also take pains in instilling good habits in kids; especially greeting elders and strangers. One important factor here is the raising of confidence levels. Children should be taught to act confidently before strangers and answer their questions lucidly.

Triggering the communication factor

For the welfare of children, especially those under 5, parents and teachers should strike up a good rapport, communicate regularly and create a module for their development. Some kids may love nursery rhymes and memorize them fast enough while others may be good with additions and subtractions. The logic is to strengthen their weak points. There has to be a cumulative effort, for teachers get precious little time to develop kids’ skills at the preschool. Parents might initiate rewards for kids if they work hard on their weak points.


It can easily be summed up that a kid’s development is as much the responsibility of parents as it is of teachers. You need two hands to clap and the adage runs true in this context. Also, the child has to be nurtured in such a way as to positively respond to the urges and grow holistically at this tender age. Attending a good preschool is the first step towards a child’s future glory.

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