Teaching Children and Teenagers Critical Thinking

Many children and teenagers lack the decision making skills to make Good Decisions in early in life. Many times, their decision making ability was never taught by anyone. They merely observed how their parents, teachers, and other adults in their lives made decisions and they followed suit. Parenting teens and children seldom include teaching them relevant skills in decision making. They were never taught a set of specific skills to critically think about when they had to make any decisions. And when they made wrong decisions, they often get criticized, reprimanded, and at times, termed as being ‘rebellious’.

How many times have you heard of the term ‘rebellious teenagers’? Was it their fault for making wrong decisions when there were no one who showed them how to do it well? Did their parents ALWAYS make good decisions for them to observe and model? Thus, are they really rebellious or merely unable to make STRONG, GOOD decisions?

Decision making skills require certain specific concepts to be introduced, applied, used, and reinforced. Dr Patricia Gorman Barry has developed a comprehensive set of curricula and teaching materials that focused on cultivating essential skills needed to make good decisions in life. It was through careful research and field-testing that BrainWise came about for our children and teenagers.

BrainWise is a programme that consists of a series of skills called the 10 Wise Ways. When your child or teen learns these thinking and behavioural strategies, their fundamental neural pathways will begin to build in their brain, replacing impulsive responses with sound decision-making behaviour.

This link will bring you to a more comprehensive overview of the 10 Wise Ways.

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