Our book, Gifted Parenting – Raising SMART Kids, was launched in March 2015.

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Gifted Parenting ~ Realise your Child’s Full Potential


Is your child gifted? Even if we are not sure of the answer, I am certain that you must have given some thought to the question. There can only be a handful parents who have not hoped that their children possess some special talent or ability which will help them do well in life.

We question the talents of our children but not the parenting skills of parents. I wonder how many of those parents who are so keen to discover if their children are gifted would be equally eager to find out if these children had gifted parents?

The fact is that gifted children begin with gifted parents. By that I DO NOT MEAN parents who are exceptionally intelligent, highly educated, extremely successful, or even being gifted persons themselves. They may be any or all of these. But take heart, none is an essential component to be gifted parents.

I am a firm believer of nurturance in the theory of nature versus nurture. Your baby is born with great brilliance, talent for intellectual development of every kind, and a potential for high intelligence (with the exception of a relatively few severely brain-damaged infants). As gifted parents, we need to nurture this innate ability and let this special talent grow into fruit one day. An analogy akin to this believe – your baby is just like a seed that contains all that is needed for growth, and requires only a rich soil, right amount of sunlight, and sufficient watering in order to flourish.

So believe, every infant who comes to us arrive with a promise of genius just waiting to grow!

I hope you share my belief and will play your important role….


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