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Research clearly demonstrates the strong impact of early environment on cognitive development. There is also clear evidence from research regarding the need for early concentrated involvement with their child for the full development of both the child’s language and nonlinguistic abilities (that is Science, Maths, History, Geography etc).

It has also been shown that when parents or educators structure problems and then permit the children to derive their own solutions, they will learn to relate parts of the task to the goal. It is therefore important for children to gain early experience in independent thinking and problem solving.

ENDLESS AMOUNT OF TUITION will NOT maximise your children’s potential. It only brings on stress and burnt-outs. Improving their cognitive functions will empower them with life-long abilities to learn, even at levels higher than you thought possible.


Our Vision

All children growing up to be intellectually-curious, fair-minded, and reflective thinkers.

About Guru Kids Pro & The Gifted Parents


We pride ourselves in strongly advocating positive attitudes in the students, not only towards school but most importantly, towards life.

Since 2004, my partner and I have nurtured hundreds of students, many of whom were with us for at least 5 to 8 years. Being able to build up long term relationships with the children and their parents, it is definitely much easier to motivate the children when they hit their pre-teen (PSLE time) or teen years.

The Centre adopts a small group approach towards intensive learning as results are of utmost importance to us. Being in a group of only 6 students, the child and his/her parents received incomparable and highly personalized feedback on a regular basis. The lesson plans are also customizable to your child’s needs. Children do not always have the same attention spans as each other, and with this small group style, each lesson can be altered to fit them.

We follow strictly the prescribed MOE syllabus for all primary level English, Math & Science. The Centre’s MOE-based curriculum is also adapted for critical thinking as required in the PSLE by our Curriculum Developer who holds a Master of Education, NIE.

It’s all about Private & Customised Service.  The Chief Tutors, being professionally trained and highly experienced, are able to tailor the syllabuses to your child’s individual needs. Our service is akin to a private chef where the level of personalised service is not possible to achieve in many traditional, mass-providing tuition centres.

Our excellent service allows your child to spend high quality time with his/her Chief Tutor at each and every session ~ simplify your worries over your child’s academic success today.

Call for a no-obligation appointment to feel it for yourself now!

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